Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Reality show thoughts...

So I know this is old news now, but this is one of the reasons I can't stand these dating shows. The "prize" (aka the Bachelor or Bachelorette) is usually not that great and then the couple rarely stays together once the show stops taping. (Except for you Trista and Ryan - good for you!!!)

Sigh, I don't know why I care... but all those dating shows just bug me.

Meanwhile, the Legally Blonde musical TV show that ended last week was much more satisfying. The winner of that show has now actually debuted in the lead role of Elle Woods on ***Broadway*** last week.

See??? It's for real!!!

By the way, I really liked that show. It wasn't annoying like the "You're the One that I Want" show where they had a competition for the next stars of Grease on Broadway. If you like the behind the scenes of putting a musical together, then you would have enjoyed this one. Plus the musical is really cute and the songs are quite catchy! (A rarity in the newer musicals these days, IMHO.) I'm bummed that I didn't catch the show when it first opened in SF before debuting on Broadway.

ANYWAY - it doesn't matter 'cause the show is over. On a final note, I read in a Playbill article that the three runner ups also got roles in either the Broadway or the national tour production. Two (Lauren, my fave, and Autumn) are Elle understudies and the other one, Rhiannon, plays Elle's friend. THANK GOD because she has a horrible singing voice.

So I think it's cool because the end of the reality show is just the beginning for these young gals - they're on their way to bigger and better things! (NOT like stoopid dating shows)

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Amanda said...

Very cute! I am sad I missed that Legally Blond picking show - I am sure I would have loved it since the songs are so darn catchy! Dan would have hated it with a passion. heehee