Monday, July 07, 2008

Vocabulary Upgrade

This weekend, I found myself watching Getting Played while spending time with family. That's how we roll, I guess.

Because of the movie, I would like to start incorporating the following phrases in everyday conversation:

"off the chain"

Also, when I was at the gym, there were a couple of teenage boys that kept talking about when they were going to "bounce". I'd like to incoporate that, too.

And I fully realize that these are dated phrases, but I guess that's why I think it's even funnier if I start adopting them now.

So anyway, you've all been warned.

I've got to bounce - see ya!

Update: I'd also like to add "Pop Off" to the list thanks to a very amusing meeting between Kathy Griffin and a couple of ladies from "The Bad Girls' Club"

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John said...

That's tight.