Monday, August 11, 2008

I've Got Olympic Fever

I didn't really pay much attention to the events leading up to the Olympics (other than the marathon events) but now that it's here - I'm fully on board!

I thought the opening ceremony was pretty cool. And it was so exciting to see Phelps win his first gold of these games on that 400m medley. I love that little green world record line that was chasing him to the finish - it had me on the edge of my seat! But that picture above - watching Phelps celebrate their win in the 400m relay had me crackin' up. And c'mon France, no more trash talking, OK?

I also watched the men's basketball team beat China so it was interesting to see them play China with Yao Ming. (On a random note, and I know this sounds crazy - does Yao Ming kinda sorta in a really remote way remind you of Tom Brady?) And you know, I'm no Bush fan but I think it is cute to see the President at the various events.

Today I caught some of women's gymnastics. I know they had a lot of out of bound moments during the floor exercise, but I was so fascinated with how they were able to line themselves up so precisely against the lines without looking. Silly, yes.

Anyway, it's now after midnight ... I wish they would air the events on the west coast simultaneously with the east coast. Like they do with the Oscars! It would be awesome to catch all the exciting stuff and be done by 9PM.

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Amanda said...

We've definitely been watching our fair share over here. Favorites to watch are still swimming and gymnastics. I SO was thinking the same thing about how the heck do they know how to line up their feet at the corner? It's so close!

Wish that they ended earlier here too... :(