Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway Finale

I was very excited to see an all-female Project Runway finale - go girls!

I wanted Korto to win but I'm cool with Leanne, too. I thought Leanne's collection was very innovative and well-executed (PR speak!) but like the judges said, so repetitive with the "waves" concept. I thought the color palette (PR speak!) was kind of boring, too. Korto's collection was just so bright and colorful and things I could see myself wearing. (If I was tall and stick thin, of course.)

As for Kenley, it was cute but not for me. And remember how Kenley freaked out when Korto and Leanne dared to design "short" bridesmaid dresses like hers? (As if she owns the concept of a short bridesmaid dress!) Well, I thought one of her dresses ripped off the shape of one of Leanne's previous dresses from that car challenge. Take a look:

Kenley's Final Collection Dress:

Leanne's "Car Challenge" Dress:

OK, it's kind of a stretch - but it's not a common shape to have the hips jut out like that, you know?

And as usual, they let some of the other top designers show at Bryant Park as well. But this is weird, if you go to the Final Collections section on the Bravo website, they list Jerrell and Joe as the other designers at Bryant Park. Joe! How did that happen? He was eliminated before Suede, right? (And I checked out his collection - not so hot.)

BTW - was that Naima (ANTM) at the model auditions?

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