Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sarah Palin on Satuday Night Live

I've been DVR-ing Saturday Night Live lately and last night's episode was a huge winner. Hopefully, you've all seen the Sarah Palin clips - they were hilarious. I'm glad that we still got to see Tina Fey do her thing because she is hysterical.

Clip 1 highlights include cameos with Mark Wahlberg and Alec Baldwin.
Clip 2 highlights - where to begin? Amy Poehler's rap was hilarious. And I busted out laughing when they brought the moose out. I know it's cruel, but c'mon, that was funny!

Sarah Palin is a good sport for sure.

I also loved the separate bit they did with Mark Wahlberg and Andy Samberg. I love how they can make great bits out of things happening right now.

The musical guest was Adele and she was amazing! I was glad to see her because I had caught her video on MTV once and I instantly loved her song. Here it is in case you don't know her. I just added it to my iTunes.

And next week's host is Jon Hamm - yay, hopefully more people will turn into his show, Mad Men.

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