Saturday, December 20, 2008

What is with the 'do?

I've just really never understood Kate Gosselin's hairdo. I remember how it started - you know, when she got that makeover after her tummy tuck. But it's like she's modified the 'do to take the front and the back to two different extremes. The front got longer, the back got shorter and spikier... some have referred to it as a reverse mullet.

I'm just glad that it hasn't caught on with middle America. At least I'm hoping it hasn't.

On a related note, I haven't been watching the show as religiously as before. I think all those Wedding in Hawaii episodes were too over the top for me. Too many freebies - no family present -what's become of them? And I hate seeing episodes where Mady and Cara have crying fits - they deserve some privacy. Well, all the kids deserve some privacy... especially now that they are all in school and other kids could be making fun of them and stuff based on what was on their show that week.

But the little kids still are a bunch of cuties.

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