Sunday, January 11, 2009

Random thoughts from the Golden Globes...

  • I didn't realize Kate Winslet had never won a major award before
  • Bruce Springsteen still looks pretty good!
  • Along the same lines, Rumer Willis is quite pretty now as well - now that she is out of that awkward stage (as she wasn't bad in "House Bunny" either)
  • That bit with Sally Hawkins and Emma Thompson was pretty funny
  • Was Tracy Morgan on something during the 30 Rock acceptance speech or was that just part of the gimmick? Either way, it was funny...
  • Loved the Steven Spielberg montage - he really must have the golden touch! (although his speech was a little rambling, right?)
  • I thought it was a little odd that Danny Boyle didn't even turn to thank his stars when his name was announced as best director for Slumdog Millionaire. I mean, they were right next to him at the table! (But yes, he did thank them in his speech.)
  • Kate Winslet is so cute! And how about that profession of love to Leo during her speech?!
  • How did Blake Lively and Rainn Wilson get to announce one of the more prestigious awards of the night? (And what a weird combo!)
  • I'm excited that Slumdog Millionaire won for best drama. Normally, I've never seen the nominated drama films :)

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