Sunday, February 01, 2009

Britney Spears week on America's Best Dance Crew

Every now and then, I check out MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. Season 1 was awesome (hello, Jabbawockeez)! Season 2 was kind of a dud. Season 3 is about three weeks in and is somewhere in between. BUT last week's episode totally rocked - it was all about Britney Spears!!!

My two favorite crews this season are Beat Freaks and Quest Crew. Beat Freaks are all girls, but they don't resort to sexy girly stuff - those girls are hard core! And I recognize one of the girls from being a back up dancer in tons of pop music videos. Quest Crew is more of a b-boy crew and features two of my favorite dancers from So You Think You Can Dance, Hok and Dominic.

If you want to see what the show is all about, here are clips of their Britney-inspired performances. The show airs on MTV on Thursday nights at 10PM.

Beat Freaks - Womanizer (Performance starts at 1:50)

Quest Crew - Toxic
(Performance starts at 0:58)

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