Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Is anyone watching this? If not, you should - it's such a good show. I love how it seems like they plucked all the actors from some little town or something (and who knows - maybe they did!). They're all so... raw... and real. I've never seen the original movie but I really love this show and I'm glad that it was able to stay on for another season. (And no, it's not really about football - you think I'd watch if it was?)

Can we talk about Coach Taylor and Principal Tami (pictured)? I *love* them. And personally, I think they are one of the hottest couples on TV today. I think it's so cute when they bicker and I loved their little scene at the high school dance.

Coach Taylor is so cute in that strong, silent way. I used to have a crush on Kyle Chandler back in the Homefront days and who didn't love his SWAT guy character on Grey's Anatomy. I loved when he gave Jason that pep talk about the house he wants to flip and the way he was trying to appease Matt's grandmother with the "Yes, Maam"'s and stuff.

And speaking of Matt (former QB1), I love that he and Julie (Coach's daughter) are back together!!! Loved the "next morning" scene... you know something went down the night before by the lake. (Bow-chick-bow-wow)

Landry is so funny in his totally awkward ways...

Friday Night Lights: Friday nights (clever), 9PM, NBC

P.S. This is my 400th post!!!!

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Alisa said...

Wow 400 posts! Crazy!!!

I gave up TV when TiVo died. We decided no more cable and now I just don't watch anything since times don't seem to work for me and commericals are annoying =)

If I can't watch it online I don't watch.

Jamie said...

I love this show too. Seriously the coach and tami are the cutest most real couple on tv! Don't bother with the movie - the show is way better.

Congrats on 400!

audgepodge said...
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