Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Latest iTunes downloads...

So here's what I've downloaded since my last iTunes update.

1. My Life Would Suck without You - Kelly Clarkson

No surprise here... I already raved about this song on an earlier post.

2. Rehab - Rihanna

I'm not sure why I waited so long to download this as I've pretty much downloaded all her other singles. And speaking of people needing rehab, isn't that deal with her and Chris Brown just so horrible? And shocking! I thought those two were such an adorable couple - a Britney and Justin for today's teens, but obviously that was definitely not the case.

3. 15 Step - Radiohead

Normally, I'm not cool enough to listen to Radiohead. But then Gwyneth introduced their performance at the Grammy's so I tuned in for a bit. And I suddenly realized, hey, that's the song from the closing credits of Twilight!

4. Poker Face - Lady GaGa

I really dig this song! I like the pounding beat through parts of it and I like the melody of the refrain, too.

5. Feedback - Janet Jackson

I picked this one and the next one (another Lady GaGa!) because they appeared in the commercials for America's Next Top Model and I got hooked.

6. The Fame - Lady GaGa

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Alisa said...

I LOVE the Lady Gaga albumn it is one of my go to's for running music.

Cindy said...

i like poker face- think i'll be downloading that one. thanks!