Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are you watching American Idol?

If so, I highly recommend Entertainment Weekly's Idolatry videos - they are hilarious. Basically the EW writers get together and provide some really funny commentary on the show. Some things I picked up from the recent videos:

- One writer's mission to put the "Go" in Danny Gokey (she refers to him as pimping his widow, which I suppose is true but I still like him)
- Kris Allen's side mouth singing thing
- Potential Simon Cowell fear of birds conspiracy theory
- Idol's need to caption relatives that speak perfectly understandable English

You can find the latest one here.

My quick opinion? I am digging Danny, Kris (the guitar playing cutie), Matt (the piano playing cutie), Anoop, and Allison (red-haired rocker teenager). I think Megan is interesting but I don't think she'll go far. I never liked Alexis and I think it's because she reminds me of Heidi Montag when she performs. Not her voice (obviously, since Alexis can actually sing) but her stage mannerisms. I'm indifferent to everyone else. And yes, I totally agreed with the first two eliminated contestants.

1 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Cindy said...

i like allison too, especially after seeing her 'at home' footage last week. what a cute family. and yes, captioning understandable english is lame! they don't caption people with souther accents...