Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8 unfortunately continues...

Saw this on Entertainment Weekly's blog:

'Jon & Kate Plus 8' gets another season: Are we happy?

My answer: Heck no! But I guess at this point, I'm indifferent to the whole thing.

My sister got me hooked on the show awhile back and I was a very dedicated viewer. It was so cute seeing how a couple deals with doing basic every day things but with the challenge of tackling this with one set of twins and one set of very young (and adorable) sextuplets - things like how they go to the grocery, make dentist trips, go to church, go clothes shopping, or buy new bedroom furniture. Sure there were the occasional "non-typical activity" episodes like when Kate got her tummy tuck and Jon got his hair implants (both at no charge to them), but I went along with it.

Then I slowly became more and more disenchanted with Jon and Kate. It was a little sketchy when regular participants (such as Kate's BFF, Beth, and her caring and patient sister-in-law, Aunt Jodi) no longer appeared in the episodes. It was later reported (and I think confirmed) that Kate broke off all ties with them when she got word that TLC had offered to pay them for their show appearances.

And then the show no longer covered day-to-day activities... it was more like a travel channel show where the family would get treated to complimentary trips everywhere but they would still act like this struggling family. I think I heard they would still collect donations/offerings at churches during their speaking events.

I decided to finally kick them off my DVR after the wedding in Hawaii episode. That was like the epitome of how the show has dramatically changed from its early beginnings. 1) They get this all expenses paid trip to some luxury resort in Hawaii 2) They decide to renew their wedding vows yet they are so nasty to each other - and do you really need to renew vows 9 years later or whatever it was? 3) The only family present was family Jon hadn't seen in years - where were all the people they were so close to in previous years? I don't know... it was so over the top.

And then they moved into that ridiculously huge mansion that is so huge that they have no idea where their kids are.

Eh... it just has lost all the charm that was present in the first couple of seasons. And more importantly, I feel bad for the kids and that they have to live such an exposed life. There are so many embarrassing moments for the kids. I'm sure the other kids (classmates/friends) must tease them about it later, especially for the twins. I know I wouldn't want my meltdowns broadcast for all the world to see.

I was hoping this would have been the last season especially with all the negative reports going on. (Jon + Kate = Disaster, Lookin good, Jon Gosselin, Show Biz: Jon + Kate + 8 = $$$) But I guess they decided to continue with this show anyway. I think this is a bad idea but the ratings are the highest they've ever been so I'm not too surprised.

I'm sure there is a lot more going on that I don't know about but I worry about those kids and I think it's time to get them out of this "The Truman Show"-like atmosphere.

Anyone else catch this show?

5 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

evansmum said...

thanks for those links! Verry interesting. Yep~ they are played out! I used to be a Kate fan and would stick up for her but NOT ANYMORE!

joyRuN said...

I used to watch the older episodes - I was so impressed with Kate's organizational skills.

I haven't watched it lately - I caught a little bit of when they moved to the mansion, & saw Jon hawking State Farm - I didn't bother with the rest of the episode.

Cindy said...

i couldn't agree more. it's been kind of sad to see them change, alienate themselves, get more vapid. and how much ball busting can that guy really take before he just loses it?

Jamie said...

i completely agree. the show has completely lost touch with the reason it started. and i can't stand kate and how rude she is! i didn't even see most of this season's episodes or the new house.

i'm surprised it is continuing and i feel horrible for their kids.

Vanessa said...

I agree with you, I loved the earlier episodes when they were all still babies, but now it's gone to the crapper and Maddy has the worst tantrums ever and Kate and Jon never do anything about it!