Friday, May 15, 2009

I love Jim and Pam

Finally got the chance to catch the season finale of The Office (catch it below if you missed it as well).

Loved the episode! I always enjoy the ones where they throw in all the extra crazy characters. This time we got to see the return of Charles, Holly, and my personal fave - David Wallace. I don't know why - but I always get the warm and fuzzies whenever he makes a guest appearance. Actually, I do know why. I once read online that he had given up acting to pursue a career in finance as a stock broker. Casting remembered him and convinced him to return to acting to play the role of David Wallace. He still works full time as a stock broker and just does The Office as a side job which I think is so cool! Plus he's the one "straight" guy on the show so it's funny to see him interact with this zoo of characters. (Even though he makes some really questionable decisions... like confiding in Michael which branch was going to be closed? Come on, David!)

And I have to say, the new receptionist Erin is really growing on me!

I was happy to see that once again we were given a super sweet Jim and Pam moment. Those two are so great together! If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it... but it happens in the very end of the episode. I love how there was no sound when they were communicating with each other but you still felt all the emotions that they were conveying!

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Marathon Maritza said...

Cried like a baby at the end. Jim's face was PRICELESS.