Friday, July 24, 2009

New Moon Comic-Con Panel: If you can't be in SD...

Although I would have loved to have been in San Diego today, this will have to do...

(This is all that was posted at the time of this blog entry, you can check their YouTube channel page for any updates.)

Although no obvious "Robsten" sparks, there were still a lot of cute moments. I particularly liked how warm and witty Chris appeared to be which goes along with what has been said about him by the cast. He seems to be somewhat of a "father figure" with these young actors and it was quite endearing. I also liked that he played along with Rob's heartthrob appeal, for example when he discussed all the challenging stunt work that Taylor had to do and then adding at the end that Rob also did a good job of standing there looking good.

Let me know what you thought about all of the CC coverage. It made for quite an entertaining Thursday!

Also, what do you think about the random tie-ins? i.e. the Nordstrom clothing line, the Hallmark paper products (i.e. New Moon-themed paper plates and napkins), the Burger King Team Edward and Team Jacob crowns, etc.

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