Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Teaser Trailer for New Moon

Kristen Stewart looks really pretty in this new teaser trailer. And Taylor Lautner looks even more ripped here - geesh! He's just a teenager???

And although I liked the indie look of Twilight, I'm getting excited to see the more polished version of New Moon.

On a related note, I refuse to sit through Bandslam to see the new extended New Moon trailer. Yes, I know it's surprising, but there are actually some cheesy teen flicks that even I won't spend my $$$ on.

You know it will all be on Youtube later anyway. I personally enjoy the bootleg videos since those have the added entertainment of the screaming and squealing of the camera operator and her nearby friends. Makes me feel less like a tool when I am screaming and squealing while watching it from the comfort of my home.

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Cindy said...

yeesh, he IS ripped. yeah, i'm curious to see how this movie turns out.

Alisa said...

Dude, holy f'ing cow that guy has some MUSCLES!

New Moon was my least fave Twilight Book but I will be watching the movie =).