Friday, September 04, 2009

Trailers for new seasons of The City and The Hills

The City

I love Whitney, I think she is adorable. But I can not stand Olivia! She is so infuriating. And based on this trailer, it looks like she almost gets equal time. What about that cutie Erin? Can't we follow her instead? I can only hope that Olivia gets put in her place by the people at Elle which is the only thing that would redeem her presence this season.

The Hills

Are we supposed to believe that is Kristen's home in the opening shot of the trailer? OK. And who is she smooching in the end?

This could be an interesting season although I think Kristen's antics will probably get on my nerves. You know, the whole creating drama just for the sake of creating drama bit. And Heidi needs rehab? What? And oh Spencer... seriously, what is up with your Urban Cowboy hat?

What do you guys think about these new seasons?

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Cindy said...

awww, the hills preview wouldn't play :( but man i loved the city preview. OP does look like such a grand beyatch poobah.thanks for posting these!