Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The Premiere of LOST: The FINAL Season is Tonight! Are you ready?

... 'cause I am not.

My problem is that I have missed almost the entire last season, however they are all sitting in my DVR as we speak. Here's the thing - yes, I'm a TV junkie but rarely do I just sit at home and do nothing but watch my TV. Usually I'm also on the computer or doing something else so my attention is never 100% on the show I'm watching. And if you're a Lost fan, you know that you do need 100% attention when watching that show.

Especially last season! I mean when the show first started you had lots of present day and flashbacks. Easy to follow because either they were either dirty or clean, right? (LOL) But then they totally tricked us with that season finale when we thought we were watching flashbacks of Jack when it was totally a flash forward to when they were off the island!!! Ok, WOAH... That was a good one, right???

So then you got some flash forwards and for the most part they were easy to follow. But then last season, they started time traveling!!! Now you've got present day characters hanging with characters when they were children and what not. After a couple of episodes in, I realized I had no idea what was going on so I wouldn't bother to watch the next episodes until I got a grasp of the earlier ones. Which I never did. And that's why they are all sitting on my DVR right now.

I'm excited that the final season of Lost is finally here. It's bittersweet of course, but it will be nice to finally have some answers, right? (Of course, I only started watching around season 3-4, so I probably don't have as many questions as the die hards.) But I am bummed that I can't watch the premiere tonight. Not yet - I've got some Lost homework to do first.

On a related note, an old college friend and author of one of the premiere Lost blogs out there attended the Lost Season 6 premiere party in Oahu over the weekend. She has a post about it here.

P.S. Sorry that this blog has been lacking lately. I tend to tweet my random pop culture-related thoughts. I'm going to try to change that so this will once again be home to my silly ramblings! :)

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