Monday, March 08, 2010

Oscar Fashion Report

What did you guys think of the fashions at the Oscars? I noticed lots of deep reds, ruffles, and big flowy dresses.

Here are my faves (click to enlarge):

My Girl Crush, Kristen Stewart: The dress was BEAUTIFUL, a work of art. Loved that she wore her hair back in an elegant bun with simple makeup. And I thought it was very Kristen to keep the jewelry simple as well - no earrings or necklace but instead one heck of a bling bling bracelet.

Rachel McAdams: Loved the dress - it looked like a painting in motion! Not sure if I like those particular earrings paired with that dress but Rachel can pull anything off in my book.

Cameron Diaz: Thought this dress was a little more formal/classic that what Cameron typically wears but I thought it was really beautiful. Nice she kept the hair down in her typical Cameron style.

Amanda Seyfried: Loved the intricate pattern throughout the dress - very beautiful overall effect paired with perfect hair and makeup.


And now on to my least faves of the night...

Miley Cyrus: Alright, I'll be honest - Miley drives me nuts so I was already biased against her before she set foot on the red carpet. Hair and makeup was nice but the top of her dress really bothered me. I mean, it's pretty much a bustier, right? And she's a teenager, right? So it's weird.

Charlize Theron: What was up with the boobie detractors? Seriously, when she was presenting - all I saw were two eyes staring at me from her chest. An unfortunate design, really.

Sarah Jessica Parker: I didn't really hate her dress, just wasn't loving it. No shape and stuff. But what really got to me were the insane amount of fly away hairs she had. That's all I could look at when she was presenting. Her stylist couldn't have smoothed that stuff out?

Zoe Saldana: I love Zoe so it hurt me to put her on this list. But c'mon - what was up with that dress? There was just so much going on - top half looked very disco ball-y and the bottom felt very Vegas showgirl. Still love ya, Zoe!

How about you guys? What dresses were you loving and hating last night? Post your thoughts below!

5 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Alisa said...

So right on with your thoughts. The flyaways were terrible on several different people.

Also, Kathryn Bigelow just looked awful---tired and her hair looked sooooooo BORING!

Surprised that there was no mention of Sandra Bullock on here. I thought her hair looked great but the lipstick was terrible.

audgepodge said...

I did like Sandra Bullock but she wasn't in my faves. I agree with the lip color - it was like WOAH! ;) The dress was pretty but kinda fuddy duddy for my personal liking.

I guess I also agree with Kathryn when you compare her to the actresses but last night I thought, oh she's so cute - when compared to the men in her category! LOL.

Julianne said...

We were so separated at birth Audrey!! Omg we hated all the same dressed. I totally agree on Charlize's what the heck was up with the flowers on the boobies?? hehe.

Marathon Maritza said...

Cameron Diaz was my fave and I also hated Charlize's

I was not understanding the purposeful flyaways, but maybe it's just not a style I like. I know it's on the runways a lot lately.

I am, however, a fan of the BOLD lip color, especially when all the other makeup is toned down.

audgepodge said...

The flyaways are a runway trend? Wow - learn something new every day!

And yes, I also love a bold lip color but there was something about Sandra's that felt a little off. Like it was too orange or something. I don't know - it felt a bit too much.