Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Twitter Speak

I am a big fan of Twitter. Why? Because it's quick to digest and there's almost always new content (unlike Facebook).

If you're not familiar with Twitter, it's similar to Facebook in terms of their status updates, but you can only post updates in 140 characters or less at a time. So as a result, people get really creative in abbreviating things. And often times, we're just commenting on each other's tweets... so it's easy to shorten the more popular phrases.

So with all the hours I've spent on Twitter (follow me! audgepodge1), I almost feel like I've learned another language! Below are some of my favorite abbreviations...

BB: baby (as in an affectionate term)
BRB: Be right back
DNW: Do not want
FFS: For f*ck's sake
FML: F*ck my life
FHL: F*ck his/her life
FTMFW: For the mother f*cking win
FTW: For the win
GTFO: Get the f*ck out
HDU: How dare you
IDC: I don't care
IDGAF: I don't give a f*ck
IDGI: I don't get it
IDK: I don't know
IKR: I know, right?
ILU: I love you
IRL: In real life
ITA: I totally agree
JFC: Jesus f*cking christ
JK: Just kidding
JS: Just saying
JSYK/JSUK: Just so you know
LOL: Laugh out loud
LMAO: Laugh my *ss off
LMFAO: Laugh my f*cking *ss off
MTE: My thoughts exactly
NBD: No big deal
NEGL: Not even gonna lie
NGL: Not gonna lie
NM: Never mind
OIC: Oh I see
OICU: Oh I see you
OMG: Oh my god
OMFG: Oh my f*cking god
ORLY: Oh really
ROFL / ROTFL: Rolling on floor laughing
RT: Re-tweet
SFM: So f*ckin' much
SMDH: Shaking my d*mn head
SMH: Shaking my head
STFU: Shut the f*ck up
STFD: Sit the f*ck down
TBH: To be honest
TJ: Tweetjack (i.e. to chime in on someone else's conversation)
Totes: Totally
TY: Thank you
WTF: What the f*ck
WTH: What the hell

Need an example of how these would be used?

audgepodge1: IDGAF about Spencer Pratt
audgepodge1: Miley Cyrus has another movie coming out? DNW
audgepodge1: NEGL, I still hope Britney reunites with Justin
audgepodge1: Hey Taylor Momsen, STFU!

[OK, to be honest, or um, TBH, I really wouldn't use most of these since I don't really use the F word that much, even in the abbreviated form. Unless it's for comedic value. LOL.]

So what am I missing? What are your favorite ones to use?

1 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

accelerate said...

you forgot: OMGWTFBBQ

and you should mention that MF can be added to most acronyms


my friend used to think LOL = Lots of Love, so he was always wondering why i was gay for him. *facepalm*