Wednesday, January 24, 2007

American Idol - NYC!

Did anyone else confuse Carole Bayer Sager with Joan Collins?

Ian Benardo! I thought he looked familiar! He was just as kwa-zee in this audition as he was in the one for So You Think You Can Dance. His rendition of Laura Branagan's "Gloria" was definitely... um... inspired. (?) At first, I thought he was singing something out of West Side Story or something. And he provided a wealth of memorable quotes ... here are some of my favorites:

  • "Taylor Who? Carrie Under-where? Fantasia When?"
  • "I am a superstar... You can ask one of my therapists."
  • "Three syllables... Hol-ly-wood."
  • "I'm calling National Geographic to tell them the do-do bird is not extinct - it's in there."

I liked Sarah Burgess's unique version of Blondie's "Call Me" - although I do find it a little odd that people turn their auditions into therapy / counseling sessions - it's like a Kleenex commercial. I do feel bad for her dad, though - he made his daughter cry in front of millions!

Loved Randy's expression during the high pitched part of Ashanti's audition. I was starting to feel bad for her during her desperate pleading when they turned her down - until the producers decided to meld it into a "Days of Our Idols" piece complete with soap opera sappy music and awkward reaction shots of all the judges. A little cruel, sure, but Ashanti was being a bit dramatic (and that's an understatement).

Jersey girls - love them! Antonella and Amanda are best friends and audition together. Simon's skeezy comment: "God, I bet you're popular - you two." I'm not sure how they called their first audition song a duet - it sounded like two different songs and they were just taking turns. Amanda's performance of Patsy Cline's "Crazy" was OK, but it sort of sounded like the way I write it (i.e. kwa-zee). Simon's response: "I could care less either way - so I'll say yes." I'm telling ya - if you look good, but sing decent, it's OK - you're in! And luckily, Antonella is good to go as well. The judges even told her she did a better job, despite Amanda being the "trained" one. But Antonella was a true friend, she further defended her friend saying that wasn't her best audition and that she is an awesome singer. Of course, Simon responds with his advice for show business: "When someone's down, kick them." Oh, Simon.

Day 2 had no Simon? That's a shame...

First one... I had high hopes for Jenry, he seems like a nice mama's boy. Plus, he could be a model! Or as Paula says, he's "easy on the eyes". Careful there, Paula... the Corey Clark incident wasn't that long ago. So he's off to Hollywood... I still can't believe he's only 16!

Sara was kooky! She can't sing and knows she can't sing but she still wants to be the next American Idol, which she believes is possible if they train her. Well, at least she was passionate about this theory. But I really think there are a few screws loose in that one.

Oh, yay, Simon is back!

How did the 47 yr old Sinatra wannabe get in?

Jory from Canada - they all thought she did really well. I actually thought she was just OK, but she was nice looking - so off she went to Hollywood!

Wow - Christopher Henry (supposed lookalike for George Michael/Simon Cowell) does sound like a chick. Simon's nasty comment: "You should be singing in a dress and stilettos." Simon - I agree with Paula on this one, you are an a--hole.

Wow again - I was not expecting the first female rocker voice to come from the 18 yr old opera singer with the braces. It seemed like the judges weren't feeling it at first- but they did send her on. It'll be interesting to see which style she goes with in Hollywood.

The best was not saved for last this time. Isadora was frightening.

And that's it for NYC - next week, back to Birmingham!

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