Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Random musings from American Idol - Memphis

First of all, it was so nice to have just one hour tonight - I enjoy AI, really I do - but it's tough to dedicate a whole night to it. (Although I can't speak too soon, I think tomorrow is another 2 hours)

Some random comments:

  • Timika - the really blah girl that thinks she sounds like Ashanti - her interview with seacrest was hilarious. But the colored contacts were a little creepy...
  • Sundance is good - can't wait to see what they stylists do with him :)
  • I knew the blonde girl with the angular bob that sang Baby I Love You would get in... if you have a decent voice, but you're nice looking - you seem to go through
  • More scary tinted contacts!
  • How funny was the Footloose guy when he took that extended pause during his audition?
  • The girl that almost popped out of her black dress - did she really use the words "innocent" and "conservative" to describe herself?
  • Melinda Doolittle ("For Once in My Life") - loved her! Can't believe she was surprised by how much they praised her
  • Bald new daddy - I totally agree with Simon... he does start off his songs weird (as in not good). Nice wife to let him miss the childbirth of his second baby in order to audition

That's it for Memphis... on to NYC!

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