Monday, January 22, 2007

Channel Surfing: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip & What about Brian

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

OK, so Danny has a crush on his boss and he acts on it by calling her non-stop while she is on holiday vacation? Granted, I've only seen bits and pieces of this show but when did he go full force goo-goo-ga-ga for her? It didn't seem that Jordan ever reciprocated his feelings. And Jordan keeps people in a "state of suspended terror"? If that's the case, then I was right and Amanda Peet doesn't live up to this role. Oooh... and the biggest slam of the night? "Uh oh, there's another pretty girl at the dance and this one's not pregnant." SNAP! Does she report to Jordan? Cuz if so, I don't think that was a smart move, even if Jordan's boss likes her ideas.

Sarah Paulson and Matthew Perry are cute... nice chemistry. I like Sarah Paulson, I loved Jack and Jill (which I just realized also starred Amanda Peet - what a coinkydink!) and I also *love love loved* her role in Down with Love with Renee Zellweger and Ewan McGregor (super cute chick flick - I highly recommend).

And it was soooo cute when cast player Tom asked out writer Lucy (formerly UK's "Pam" from the British The Office) ...

And Danny - she said no! Deal with it...

What About Brian

I'm with Brian on this one - I don't think it's ever acceptable to use someone else's toothbrush. Yeah, yeah, I understand you're already swapping spit when playing tonsil hockey but I still think it's a totally different thing to share toothbrushes. Just use your finger with toothpaste!

Nice to see Marjorie back - not that I think she should end up with either Adam or Brian, but I think she's cool. And I like her with the dark hair... I remember her as a typical California blonde on Saved by the Bell and I think the dark hair is a better look for her.

Speaking of Marjorie... OK, I can understand being upset that your ex married a stripper three months after you broke up BUT you broke up because you left him at the altar after smooching his best man the night before!!! Kwa-zi-ness...

I don't regularly watch this show so I have a snap judgement comment - I think Ivy and Jimmy are one of the most unbelievable couples in TV history. Looks, personalities, everything - they make no sense to me. From what I can tell, JJ Abrams loves casting his people in shows that he is associated with so maybe he just wanted to throw a bone to Amanda Foreman (Megan on Felicity, Marshall's wife on Alias).

And what's this??? Adam's wife, Heather (aka the stripper), runs out of the birthday party because she catches him giving his ex, Marjorie, a longing gaze. Adam runs out after her but she's already gone, so he decides to leave, too, but then asks Marjorie to leave with him??? Turns out Marjorie wants another chance and Adam is considering.... uh oh... trouble to come...

Side note: I get a real kick out of the Verizon commercial showing a family of four trying to have dinner but the dad keeps text messaging the kids to ask them to pass him stuff on the table. He's just so giddy about it and it cracks me up!

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Amanda said...

hee! I watched these shows last night too...but while also doing work so wasn't paying attention much. But for Studio 60...that show is just wacked out to me. Seriously - what company would allow Amanda Peet be that seriously un-PC and ridiculous at all times? She's sitting there gossiping with one of the actresses then too? Really? You really think that high managment hangs out with the actors? And doesn't she have a bunch of shows other than just the SNL type show and the reality TV to manage? Seems like nothing else ever happens. And that guy SERIOUSLY needs to stop stalking her - does he not realize that she can fire his ass?

Ok - What About Brian. I like Marjorie too. She's very calming on the show. She seems to set a nice aura or something. Not sure. Thought it was funny when Brian's friend called him out on why he was picking out all that girl's flaws. Too funny. I mean, seriously, who hasn't done that when dating someone? And yes, the toothbrush is gross. 110%.

So annoyed that Bush's State of the Union was on tonight...and that I don't have cable so there is nothing else to watch. Why does everyone feel the clap...after...every....single...sentence...or word...that he says. It's annoying. And it makes the flow of what he's trying to say be lost - well to me at least. Cheney looked like he was going to keel over for a few minutes too - he kept coughing and popping pills. Nice touch...Does Bush think that this is really going to help his ratings either? It used to be at above 80% before the it's around 28%. Ouch.