Monday, January 22, 2007

Recap: The Hills

So this is fascinating... Brody Jenner and Lauren hooked up because Brody is one of Spencer's best friends! I was just thinking this Brody Jenner dude was kinda cute and now I discover he is friends with one of the biggest tools of LB/The Hills history.

So about Spencer... seriously, he is so icky! Ugh, he just had this annoying, stupid smile on his face when Heidi told him that she was worried she might be pregnant (which she's not, thank goodness). And Audrina redeemed herself this week! After the pregnancy scare, Spencer calls up Audrina to ask her out to dinner and she flat out said no and pretty much hung up on him. Good girl, Audrina - maybe you and Heidi will become friends again (although judging from next week's teaser, it doesn't look like that will be happening soon).

Good for Lauren... Lisa Love (Lauren's boss/Teen Vogue West Coast editor) finally had something nice to say to her. Lauren got a good review from this kooky designer, Ashley Page, whose fashion show Lauren helped out with. And she was a tough cookie - Ashley was making all sorts of insulting comments to Lauren. Man, I would never last as an intern in that world. Plus I think one of the reasons Lauren got a good review was because she was able to dig out the wick to light Ashley's "magic candle".

Not only did Lauren do good at work but she also got a date! Although, it was kind of weird and awkward watching the first date between her and Brody (I guess because we've all been there) ... and Brody was laying it on pretty thick. Was he seriously crushing on her or did he just want a guest starring appearance on the MTV show?

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