Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Globes Recap: Red Carpet Time

My random musings...

  • Goddess/grecian look seemed to be the popular theme - some of my favorites: Kyra Sedgwick, Teri Hatcher, Hayden Pana-something-or-other from Heroes
  • Impressive display for "womenly assets" (hee hee): Beyonce (did not like her dress all- this isn't Solid Gold!), Salma Hayek
  • What were they thinking?: Vanessa Williams (so not Wilhemina!)
  • Also not digging Cameron Diaz's look - don't like the hair, the red lips, or the dress (although I think the dress might have looked nice on someone else)
  • Not digging the fishtail style: Nicolette Sheridan, Katherine Heigl
  • I loved seeing some of my fave girls like Reese and Jennifer Garner - they both looked gorgeous!
  • Did anyone else confuse Eric Dane for Leo???
  • Awkward: Ryan Seacrest commenting how brave Ellen Pompeo was for wearing a white dress on a cold day, followed by the "glam cam" shot of her headlights
  • Funny: Seacrest giving up the microphone to Patrick Dempsey to conduct interview with co-star Katherine Heigl
  • Although it seemed kind of annoying to see Seacrest shove his microphone in private conversations between celebrities, but c'mon, it is fun to hear what they're saying! (although the ones I heard weren't actually that interesting at all...)
  • Was Angelina pissed or what?

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Amanda said...

Oh and Cameron Diaz - yeahhhhh - she does NOT look good with dark hair, greasy face and really super loud makeup. icky icky