Monday, January 15, 2007

Golden Globes Recap: Show Time

More random musings...

  • YAY! J Hud won! And has a cute boyfriend...
  • Jack Nicholson has an adorable daughter (don't see the resemblance at all)
  • It still sort of breaks my heart to see Brad Pitt so loving with Angelina (poor Jen...)
  • OK, so Ellen Pompeo didn't win, but Kyra was my second choice... I like The Closer and her character is kind of kooky. plus she's so cute with her hubby!
  • Hugh Laurie is pretty funny! Maybe I'll check out his show one of these days...
  • Meryl Streep gives the sweetest, funniest acceptance speeches - glad she won
  • Sacha Baron Cohen is not bad looking... I only knew him as Borat
  • So Prince was in attendance! Why didn't he accept his award? Was he in the bathroom or something? It was only the second award of the night!
  • Double YAY! Eddie Murphy wins!
  • Loved Zach Braff's serious, pondering expression when they announced him as a nominee for best actor (on a side note, I had a feeling they would pick Alec Baldwin)
  • Yay for Ugly Betty! Two funny moments - 1) watching those with the good seats reunite on stage with cast members who I guess had the nosebleed seats? and 2) vanessa williams running on stage to join the cast, hysterically interrupting the acceptance speech already in progress
  • Oh... Prince was stuck in traffic... that sucks
  • How sweet was America Ferrera's win? I was so happy for her and it seemed like everyone else was, t00. First I saw people from the Lost table start to give her a standing ovation when she first won, and then to see all the teary eyes from women in the audience during her speech.
  • I love Warren Beatty's digs at Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood during his speech (Clint is such a cute old dude, by the way!)
  • Wow, Sacha won... didn't see that coming. The crowd loved his acceptance speech, I personally didn't need the reminder of *the scene* from the movie. I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything as disturbing as that!
  • YAY for Dreamgirls!!! Why couldn't the cast rush the stage when they won?
  • YAY for Grey's Anatomy! I was worried Heroes or Lost might steal the award. And by the way, Dr. Bailey looked gorgeous in her gold gown.
  • Man, this is Helen Mirren's night! Two best actress awards... good for her.

1 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Ok - I LOVE Hugh Laurie. I had NO idea he was British. I am dense I guess, but he so does not sound like that on House! That was my super fun part of the night.

Oh and loved America's acceptance speech - she is so grateful and humble. Hopefully Hollywood doesn't get to her.

Glad to hear that everyone is dissing Beyonce - she's annoying and too full of herself. She used to be cute and I liked her. Now she's just turning into trash.

Dresses - can't believe that Perez thinks that Kathrin Heigl (yes i know I probably spelled that wrong) thought she was the prettiest. She was adorable and her attitude rocked - but definitely not the best. I thought Sheryl Crow looked fabulous and loved the purple color (though not the blond hair). Thought that Felicity Huffman was beautiful too. Who else...gosh there were a lot of cute ones.

Why is it that some of them just find such hideous dresses? That blond lady from Desperate Housewives - get over yourself already!! Then what about the Jennifer Love Hewitt - could she look any worse? Bad color and bad fitting that accented all the hips!! And then Patricia Arquette - man, that woman always finds the worst styles!! I love her to death on Medium. I was a bit sad she didn't win last night. ;( And then Ellen Pompeno (or whatever her last name) Umm....get over yourself and the big old hair and "Oh I am so sexy" on the red carpet. I think she's cute but the red headed doctor is WAY sexier than you. She seems to dress wonderfully everytime too.

Dick Tracey's acceptance speech was too long. (i am watcing Sex in the City so real names escape me) Tom Hanks was adorable though. Loved him counting the audience. Oh and loved Justin Timberlake accepting the award for Prince. Priceless!!

I must admit - I skipped around that night and didn't watch it all. I know I missed a couple good ones (like Meryl's speech) but overall, thought the night was good. Still just can't believe how much those darn woman go through to get ready for this event and then get ripped to shreds by lame people like me.

Ah well - good to get this off my chest!

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