Thursday, January 18, 2007

Recap: The Office

Oscar's back! I never really noticed him much before - but he's funny. I like him and I'm glad he's back. Dwight's now at Staples and his absence is felt by all and Andy's being more annoying than usual (and has turned into a Michael stalker!)

Wow, I was not expecting that scene with Jim and Karen! When Karen asked him if he still had feelings for Pam, I was expecting some pensive look from Jim, not that he would immediately nod yes!!! Yay, there's still some hope for our little "Jam" :)

My LOL moments (just the ones where I literally laughed out loud b/c let's face it, every moment is hysterical):

  • Jim's "I miss Dwight" after suffering through Andy's singing rendition of "Andy and the Tuna"
  • Oscar being amused by Kevin's "How was your gay-cation?" especially after Kevin was so proud of how quickly he thought that up
  • Kevin: "Can I join, too?"
    Angela: "Never."
  • Michael to Oscar: "Your gayness does not define you. Your Mexican-ness defines you." Then what follows is a string of party suggestions that is both offensive but also so ridiculously hysterical in Michael's cluelessness.
  • Andy trying to reel in tuna fish Jim.
  • Pam and Jim's prank on Andy with his cell phone (so nice to see them conspiring again!)
  • The preparation of Oscar's Mexican party (Ryan putting the ~ on the lemonade bottle)

And no good-bye scene over the closing credits??? So sad...

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