Thursday, January 18, 2007

Recap: Grey's Anatomy

Man, I don't know if I've ever cried this much from a TV show. I feel like calling my parents right now except it's 1AM there and I don't think they'd really appreciate that. *sniff, sniff* Stoopid TV show...

Sappingess aside, I'm putting my bet on TR Knight for best supporting actor next year ... it killed me to watch his scenes dealing with his father's condition (and I am so heartbroken to lose Daddy O'Malley - he was soooo lovable!!!) This was definitely TR's episode. But another reason I think he is such a great actor? Having to appear as friends with Isaiah Washington... I'm guessing this episode filmed after the now infamous outburst by "Dr. Burke" - the first one. I'll save my thoughts about the latest off-set drama for another post.

Sucks for Izzie that she got shut out of the spinal surgery. But Bailey was right on... her motivation should have been to scrub in, not in the happiness of the patient - as cold and harsh as that is. By the way, it was only after I read recaps of last week's episode that I realized the patient is Mae Whitman - back in the day, she was this adorable child actress in movies like Hope Floats , One Fine Day, Independence Day, Bye Bye Love...

And oh boy... Alex and Addison? More squirminess for me...

Funny moments:

  • Christina and Izzie breaking the news to Meredith that she really is like her bumbling/messy father (But I still don't get how the brilliant Ellis Grey would fall for him!)
  • George's brother inadvertently breaking the tense silence by letting them rip out of nervousness due to Mr. O'Malley's health
  • Christina asking Alex "What are you plotting and how can I get in on it?" when he started acting all shady when asked about Addison
  • The nurse asking Burke "Do you want me to call security?" when Christina tried to badger him about his hand
  • Meredith getting comfort from "I snore. I snore like a trucker."

And I can't wait to see what happens next week! Good things are to come... word is out that their February sweeps episode will put Code Black to shame!

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