Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Recap: Veronica Mars - The Case of the Missing Lab Monkey

Yay - the whole gang is back! Only 10 minutes in and we've already seen Veronica and her pals, Mac, Parker, Weevil, Dick, and Logan. Just need to see Wallace and Piz and then we're all set. I once read an interview with the producer, Rob Thomas (not as in Matchbox 20), and he was discussing the logistics of running a show, such as budget and stuff, and how they could only hire the supporting players for a certain number of episodes each which is why some characters are involved in some episodes and some aren't. So when everyone is there - it's party time!

This episode's mystery involved Veronica and Mac trying to find a missing lab monkey. Eh, that story line was OK. But at least it introduced a love interest for Mac - more on that later. The on-going mystery arc is solving Dean O'Dell's suicide/murder - and it's very interesting that if it was a murder, the culprit modeled it after Veronica's "How to Commit the Perfect Murder" paper - I think for her criminology class? And who is the professor of that class? The guy having the affair with Dean O'Dell's wife! Then again, the TA of that class is kind of creepy, too, so I'm sure that will factor in as well.

Ooh... Mac has a crush! Too bad his initial kiss attempt didn't work out. I forgot that Mac's last relationship was with Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas, aka - the psychotic villain of the season 2 bus murder mystery! No wonder she's a little gun-shy... Loved that Parker got the scoop on crush-boy's lady friend - you can always count on your girlfriends! :)

Nooo... please tell me Logan didn't hook up with skanky surfer girl!

Funny moments:

  • Veronica, Parker, and Mac posing as Zeta Theta Beta sorority chicks - especially Mac, you could tell she was cringing inside
  • Well, this wasn't really funny but worth noting - did Dick really take a Polaroid of his bare goods and throw it off Logan's hotel balcony??? I guess that would be amusing. (?) And who still uses Polaroid cameras?
  • In regards to the Around the World dorm party - "What about this room is Canada?" "Our accents - ay?" And then watching Veronica and Mac rock out to Barenaked Ladies
  • Parker stealing the ID of Mac's crush (already forgot his name) to give Mac a reason to see the guy again
  • "You're all dressed up. Where you guys headed to?" "Club.... Club. It's new."
  • Seeing Oscar play with lab boy
  • Bronson's (crush boy) expression as Mac struggled with asking him out - so cute! And they kissed - yay!

And FINALLY - Logan and Veronica reunited! Oy, the way he looked at her when she showed up at his door - this is why I tune in :) (And I'm glad I taped this episode so that I can enjoy this scene again - heehee...) Although it was interesting that their reunion was a result of Veronica's talk with Piz - I think Piz was trying to reveal his feelings for her... And yep, this was definitely confirmed by his reaction the next morning when we saw Veronica and Logan together. I know a lot of people want to see Piz and Veronica together... but I'm just not one of them! I love Veronica with Logan, despite the teaser for next week's episode... (skanky surfer girl was a hooker??? egads!)

And unfortunately, no Wallace this time... maybe he'll turn up next week!

If you missed this episode, it should appear on www.cwtv.com.

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Michael said...

Piz and Mac would make a good couple.

audgepodge said...

Yeah! If crush boy doesn't work out :) I just can't see Piz and Veronica together...