Thursday, January 18, 2007


Yay... it's finally Thursday! (Huh???) Thursday is definitely must see TV night for me... yes, I watch a lot of TV (as evidenced by this blog) but none of the other nights of TV come even close to the wonderful line-up held tonight. If you're curious, I start off at ABC with Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy, during which I faux-TIVO (i.e. VCR) NBC's The Office, Scrubs, and 30 Rock. I look forward to it every week! :)

I'm not sure, but I think Ugly Betty is supposed to introduce Rebecca Romijn tonight as the lady under all the bandages. The big mystery is who the heck she is, if she isn't Fey Sommers. I heard one interesting theory since there was a spoiler that she plays someone we already know. Highlight here to read one theory: Supposedly, the masked lady is Daniel's brother who was supposed to have passed away or something? Well, at least that would explain all the bandages.

Grey's Anatomy will show part 2 from last week's episode. Apparently, it was supposed to be one episode but they ended up with over 60 minutes of final footage instead of ~40 so they decided to split it in two and add more scenes (like Callie staring down George last week but just ended up scaring him instead). Hopefully we get to find out what the heck happened between Addison and McSteamy (hello, did they tease at them having a baby together last week???)

And then there's The Office. What's to become of our dear beloved Dwight??? I read a spoiler about where he ends up (Highlight here to read: he works at Staples) and I hope he returns soon! The scenes between him and both Andy and Jim are priceless. And are we getting any closer to a Jim and Pam reunion??? No, I think they'll still drag it out for awhile but I for one think they've done a great job with this storyline. (I still want to see Jim and Pam together by the end of the season though.)

Can't wait for tonight! Who's with me???

Update: One more thing - tonight is the long-awaited musical episode of Scrubs!

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Amanda said...

I so need a tevo! I hate Thursday nights for the fact that it jams all the good shows into 2 - Ugly Betty, What About Earl, The Office, Grey's Anatomy and 30 Rock.

Ok - so hope you read this after you watch the shows!

Ugly Betty - eh - good but eh. Loved Betty's save when Daniel is stranded at the restaurant. America is just cute and loveable though - so I still love the show but I think this was like last weeks Grey's - a show to foreshadow everything coming! I just hope to goodness she gets rid of that stupid lame old bf of hers forever. He's such a downer. And her sister? She for some reason just annoys me. Her son is great - but she's just annoying.

The Office - got to catch some during switching between Betty and stupid work bothering me (sometimes I really hate working for a CA company in TX). BUT I did see the Pam/Jim plotting with the phone. Oh my gosh. totally missed why Blondie was sad and what she told Steve Carrell. I did get to see the Staples conversation though which was so funny. I just wish this darn show were on at a different time!! erghh

Grey's Anatomy - YAY! The girls back problem was fixed. YAY - she cashed her check to help the girl! LOVED George finding the check missing - PRICELESS. But yeah...the rest of the show made me cry. I am so sad for George and his family. Poor Bailey too.I just wanted to cry for her too. Should be interesting what happens! Loved the Dead Dad's Club conversation - so sad but so good. Then Addison and what's his toes? I still don't get it...but don't get it.

Then I just got to see the last bit of 30 Rock - that show just cracks me up. Damn them too for being on a Thursday night.

Now I am stuck watching Men in Trees. This show is stupid. Very very stupid. But every week I watch it. And I don't even like Anne Heche. Really don't. Why can't anything better be on? ughhh.

Ok - I have to go back to stupid work now since we have like 4 proposals to do next week and of course all of them got started and proposed on Wednesday. Bastards....I just have to remember that I get paid for every hour I work.

Amanda said...

By the way - think the highlighting to see spoilers is awesome. I wish I knew how to put my whole review in that mode!!