Thursday, January 18, 2007

Recap: Ugly Betty (Note: Recap means Spoiler!!!)

Well how about that - my off-the-wall spoiler ended up being right on! And it looks like another spoiler I read appears to be true... I would hide it but it was just so obvious in this episode that it doesn't seem like a secret anymore. I had read somewhere that Betty would be involved in a love triangle, but not the one you think. And sure enough... the show started going in a direction that I am not comfortable with. Which means this was a *very* squirmy episode for me to watch! Betty, you can't have a romantic all night date (don't be in denial, that's what it was) with your boss! On a side note, America Ferrera really is adorable... loved her silly smile during the karaoke bit.

And I'm sorry, but did Daniel actually say to Betty about Henry, "He's totally into you." Do high power editor-in-chief/playboys actually talk like that? (I mean, I know I would say something like that, but still... )

Wonder what's in the envelope???

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