Monday, February 05, 2007

Ben Affleck rocks!

Ben Affleck is a fan of The Office!

Jenna Fischer ("Pam") wrote about their really cute encounter on her myspace page. (She updates this while filming actual scenes from The Office as do other cast members from the show. What a fun job!)

"The Golden Globes were pretty cool…until the part where we lost. It picked up again at the after party when Ben Affleck came over to our group and geeked out on the show. He told me to quiz him to prove he was a true fan. I thought, "Okay amazing and talented movie star Ben Affleck who is too cute for words…what is Dwight's middle name?" And he said, "Um…I know it…wait…Kurt!" Then he called over his wife – that would be Jennifer Garner – and she geeked out too. Jennifer Garner is STUNNING by the way."

Complete entry here.

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