Monday, February 05, 2007

My Take: The Hills - You're a Tool, Spencer!

ARGHHHH!!! I seriously did not think Heidi's beau could possibly be more annoying but apparently I was completely wrong. He completely attacks some intern from Heidi's office for merely suggesting Heidi's outfit might not be approrpiate for some event their firm was hosting that night. It was completely ridiculous. I loved Spencer's comment, "I was being nice until he called me a tool" (for which, I will forever love that intern). What an embarrassment.

In other news, Heidi and Audrina finally meet up to discuss the on-going drama between the two of them. Loved Audrina's reaction ("Ew!") when Heidi told her that she had heard Spencer and Audrina were hooking up. They finally hashed it all out... and I was happy to see that Heidi did not blow off Audrina's side of the story. But Heidi, really! If everyone in LA warns you about Spencer, then wise up! And I blame Lauren, too. She admitted that she doesn't trust Spencer, but she does trust that Spencer likes Heidi. Well so do I, but I also think he likes every other girl in LA as well. TOOL! (Yeah, you heard me, Spence!)

Ugh - Spencer is the kind of toolbox that would track how many friend requests he has on myspace. Supposedly, his page is here but you never know with these things.

I'm not sure what to make of Heidi and her relationship tactics. I actually didn't care much when she tormented Spencer by making him think she may have been pregnant with his child (it was only for a few minutes!) but then she continued to test him by surprising him at a club (where he happened to be partying with some blonde "whores", "sluts", "bimbos" (all terms selected by Heidi's friend working the door). Side note - Spencer really is an idiot. If he's going to play while the cat's away, why would he go to the place where Heidi's friends are on watch? Anyway, Spencer is so shady that he is the kind of guy that deserves these types of tests, but at the same time, they're such pathetic actions that if you don't trust a person that much - then kick him to the road and be done with it!

Thankfully, Heidi caught him red-handed... it looked like Spencer was actually going to take off with one of the blonde girls right in front of her!

I loved the closing scene with Heidi and Lauren drinking away their sorrows, especially with the drunk phone conversation with Spencer. Sad to think Heidi thought she was falling in love with him. Ew.

3 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Are these wacko's still in highschool? Or is this college now? I am so confused by this show...I think cable would be the death of me!

audgepodge said...

Lauren and Heidi are in the college age range. They were both supposed to be in fashion design school, but Heidi dropped out. I'm not sure about Lauren - I knew she was struggling with balancing schoolwork with her internship at Teen Vogue, so maybe she dropped out, too.

Honey Gangsta said...

It's so fun to read other people's recaps of these shows. If you want to, check out my blog too. Thanks Audgepode!