Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Take: American Idol - The Best of the Rest

Tonight was "the best of the best" and "the worst of the worst".

Out of the best - nice to see the Asian dude representin' :) I also liked Ebony from the Carhop trio and Lakisha (who reminded me a little bit of Mandisa).

The rest of the episode was mostly just filler fluff to me.

We finally get to the Hollywood round next week! Will curly-haired Chris with the funny one-liners still rock it? Will Antonella and Amanda's friendship survive head-on competition? Will the Indian siblings turn the final 24 into a family affair? Will Paula act inappropriately toward 16 yr old model-looking Jenry? Ah... so much to find out...

Who are you looking forward to seeing again?

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