Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Road Rules Video - Boys Fight, Girls Cry

I know I shouldn't be, but I am so entertained by this clip!

MTV has brought Road Rules back with a sort of All Stars/Fresh Meat thing going on. I haven't been watching this season but I did manage to catch this clip which I have watched at least three times now.

In my own world, I hate when boys fight. In the MTV reality world, I don't really like it either (ugh, like that Real World - Austin season when Danny got totally bruised up). But since these guys barely suffered a scratch, I can make fun of it.

Maybe it's because the setting of the fight was at a pool and the boys were in their swim trunks and not in some dark alley or something - it was just too comical. Abe is the one that attacks Adam first and he had him down for a little bit, but then the third guy (Shane, a lover not a fighter) reluctantly had to step in and pull Abe off. Somehow in all this scuffle, Abe was now attacking Shane.

What I loved was watching Adam (the one that was originally punched) basically just pick Abe off Shane (who was pretty much all crouched and trembling in fear) and then put him in this full body lock where it almost looked like he was gonna rock him like a baby.

And that was the fight.

To add to my amusement was the reaction of the girls, which varied from "You mother%^&*er!!!" to "Please stop! Please stop! Please stop!" to the third girl crying, "I just want to go home..."

Does anyone else find this as funny as me?

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Ok - just a couple comments.

1. I feel SO sorry for these people that get on Real World or Road Rules and keep coming back again and again. These people get on their show, and then it seems like that's all they base themselves on anymore. And so they just keep coming back again and again to these reunion shows. How sad is that? Grow up people.

2. Um, I would probably be one of those girls that would cry since I do freak out when people fight. Well, unless it's me being the mean one...then I have balls of steel. But yes, if it's other people fighting I get very scared.

3. That blond guy needs to get some serious help for his anger management. There was nothing to be mad about! My gosh. what an idiot.

audgepodge said...

ok.... i guess i'll admit that i would normally be one of those crying girls, too - but since i wasn't there, i choose to be amused instead! :P