Thursday, February 22, 2007

My Take: American Idol - Top 12 Girls Perform

Well this show was just ridiculous! I can't believe I thought this was the year of the boys. Clearly, I was wrong. I didn't realize it at the time, but last night it was almost like I was trying to figure out something nice to say about the boys' performances. And then tonight - WOW. It was like we were watching a different show or something. Now you know exactly what the judges mean when they compare the guys to bad karaoke / theme park performers... because that's exactly how they sound compared to the awesome-ness (sure, let's make that a word) of singers like Melinda Dolittle and Lakisha Johnson. I can't believe we are so lucky to have singers like them on this show - I mean, how are they not already signed yet???

The biggest difference - we've got real solid singers here, or "belters" as Simon would say. None of the guys' voices were all that great - pretty much all of them sounded a bit off at one point or another. Not so with the ladies who sounded like true professionals and came ready to play (and win!). And another thing - these girls have personality! Ones to watch here are Stephanie Edwards, Jordin Sparks (although she had a little too many hand gestures for me - sort of distracting), Melinda Dolittle, Gina Glocksen (did Randy call her a "big girl"?), and Lakisha Jones.

I actually wasn't sold on Sabrina Sloan... she definitely had spunk, but I don't know - I wasn't crazy about it. Maybe because I didn't know the song or couldn't figure out the melody (it almost sounded like a singing poetry reading, if that makes sense)... it was definitely a unique performance, I just wouldn't pick her to be my American Idol.

The ho-hum singers that chose to do ballads (apparently never be a good strategy - at least at this stage in the competition) : Amy Krebs, Antonella Barba (unfortunate that she came out with her ballad immediately after Sabrina said ballads never work on Idol), and Haley Scarnato. And even though she didn't sing a ballad, I'll add Alaina Alexander to this group because it wasn't anything special. I think the bottom two girls will come out of this group.

Other random comments: I was curious to see Leslie Hunt perform since she managed to score the #5 spot on EW's Power List with very little exposure, but I was sort of disappointed. I liked how she sort of put a different spin on the "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" tune, but it paled in comparison to the Kelly Clarkson version. Plus, she sort of looked drunk to me - or at least moved like it, which I guess was why Simon said she looked like she was dog walking when she was on stage.

And Nicole Tranquillo - well I can appreciate that she wanted to do something memorable and not another boring ballad, but um... well to be honest, that was just weird. It just didn't seem right. I have to agree with Simon calling it "unnatural" and "fake".

So in summary, the girls rock and the boys - well, not so much. I would be shocked if a boy won this year. And yes, Lakisha Jones is definitely in a different league, but I'm not so sure that she has it locked yet. I actually would pick Melinda over her because she's just so adorable, plus Lakisha might be a little too Broadway for me.

Well, it's going to be very entertaining to watch, that's for sure! Who were your favorites? Who do you think will leave?

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Amanda said...

ok - this is someone else's post but it totally made me laugh:
Lakisha Jones is the last of the girls. *sigh* I'm too tired to even talk about her dress. There is too much of her ginormous breasts for that dress. It's a pretty dress, lovely red and gold, perfect for the Chinese New Year. But those bazoombas need their own matching purses, good grief. I guess I wasn't too tired to talk about the dress. She's singing "And I Am Telling You" by Jennifer Holiday and now Jennifer Hudson, so it will be high on the judges' radar. Did she just feel herself up in her hoo-hah region? Was that on purpose? I mean, everything else she's doing on that stage is very well crafted, so I have to think she went for her own hoo-hah on purpose. I mean, there was a dress barrier there, but... whatever. Too tired. Hoo-hah girl is awesome. Different league. She's amazing with her voice and her acting and her bazoombas and hoo-hah and her hair that won't stay out of her mouth no matter how hard she tries to keep it out. Randy says Jennifer Hudson watch out! Yes, she'll watch out from behind her little statuette. He can protect her (if she wins). Paula says hooray! Simon says, to correct someone earlier, let me be haughty for a moment and take away from your moment just a smidge, that's the right note. Lakisha looks uncomfy with that remark but smiles with her Godzilla breasts. Her Godzeasts. King Kongas. Simon says he's tempted to tell 23 people to book their tickets home, because she's in a different league.

audgepodge said...

HAHA - I totally saw that hoo-hah moment. :P I was a little puzzled myself.