Monday, February 05, 2007

My Take: Dancelife - Balancing Act

Good for Jersey, she finally booked a gig - dancing with Ashlee Simpson. The cute part was watching Jersey celebrate. She was more excited about working with choreographer Teresa Espinosa (a dancer even I recognized)... I don't think she said anything about Ashlee.

Yay - we get a dance solo performance this week! (I don't think we had one last time.) This week Celestina got to show her stuff while she worked out her frustrations with balancing life between dancing and her BF. Man, that girl can move... it looks like has quite a few more joints than the normal human, too - heehee. Anyway, Celestina also booked Ashlee Simpson. Unfortunately, that meant she had to cancel on a weekend getaway with her boyfriend.

That sucks - these dancers can't plan for anything because they never know when a job will pop up. They have to take anything they can - even the more established dancers that have already booked videos and concert tours. I mean, they may be considered some of the more successful dancers in their field and they're still shopping at Forever 21! (Not to knock that store, since I've been known to find some good deals there myself from time to time...)

Finally, the episode closed with Carnival - a dancers' showcase where Jersey, Blake, and Nolan all performed in separate pieces. It was funny the way they had intercut Blake's rehearsals with those of Nolan's with Blake's group looking really tight and sharp and Nolan's group looking sloppy and out of sync. But on performance night, I actually enjoyed Nolan's group the best. But it might be just the excerpts the producers selected to show.

Next week we get to see Kenny reunited with his Pussycat Doll girlfriend - awww!!!

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