Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Take: Desperate Housewives - Those Crazy Hodges

Spoiler Alert! Don't read if you haven't watched Sunday's episode.

That was some f*&(ed up ending, huh? Man, the Hodges really brought some excitement to the neighborhood! (Seriously, who in the world would ever move to Wisteria Lane with the way all the dead bodies pile up! Edie must be fantastic at her job.)

So let's see if I get this straight - Gloria killed Orson's father and made Orson feel guilty about it and that's why he was in the looney bin when he was younger. Fast forward to Orson meeting Alma. Orson only married her because he thought she was pregnant with his child, even though he never loved her. He did, however, love Monique who was crushing on Mike. Monique had hired Mike to work on some plumbing. He didn't have the right tools/parts so he left to come back later. Meanwhile, Gloria knew Orson was having an affair with Monique so she went and murdered her. Orson arrives to surprise Monique and catches Gloria. So naturally they bury her. I missed why her teeth came out. Someone fill me in there. Anyway, Mike returns and Orson shoos him away. Gloria is still a psychopath because she still wants Orson to return to his first wife Alma. Even if that means she has to kill Bree. Not to mention she locks up Alma in the upstairs closet of Alma's house, after Alma was finally giving up on their game plan.

Which brings us to the really wacked out scene. Andrew, being the rarely displayed good son, runs home to protect Bree from crazy Gloria and Gloria wacks him down the stairs with a broom. Then Orson leaves the hospital to rush home as well, sees Andrew crumpled up at the foot of the stairs, and runs to save Bree. He gets there in time to stop Gloria from slitting Bree's wrist - he's banging her wrist against his leg, she's wacking him from behind, he's dunking her head in the bathtub... it was CRAZY! Eventually she's down with a stroke and Bree is saved.

So maybe that makes Orson look pretty innocent... but that doesn't change the fact that he ran down Mike with his car during the last season finale, right? I mean, that's still pretty pyscho. Plus the way he managed to get everything wrapped up so neatly... Alma (speaking of whom - another fall??? really?) will get blamed for Monique's death with the fake suicide note and teeth - way to ruin her name in her death! And Gloria will be punished for the rest of her life now that she's paralyzed from her stroke. She's completely lucid but she can't even speak or move her own head. Sounds like hell to me. Finally, to accommodate Marcia Cross's pregnancy, Bree and Orson will now be off on their long-awaited honeymoon.

*Phew* I think that captures most of it - did I get this right? Because there were times when I wasn't paying complete attention.

Random note, when Alma was calling out to Gloria when she was locked in the closet - did it remind anyone else of the Laura Branigan song???

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Amanda said...

This is a kooky neighborhood! I was wondering how Orson was going to get away with everything too. Guess we'll see. Oh - and Gloria took out the teeth so that they couldn't identify her I guess? Kinda silly sounding to me too. Loved that Gloria ended up in a coma - so fitting for her.

Whatcha think is going to happen with the Scoleses? (sp?) I like them together - I really do. They just fit. They're both just a bit ridiculous.

Was glad that Tom said thanks to Lynette since I was about to come through the screen and smack him upside the head. RIDICULOUS that he couldn't see how it would be fine with the funny chairs.