Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Take: Grey's Anatomy - Blue Meredith

Spoiler Alert!

So this episode definitely met "Code Black" standards. What will happen to poor Meredith??? I'm not concerned. Someone will die though, but it can't be Meredith - it just can't!

OK, it was a cheesy moment, but seeing Derek emerge from the water carrying Meredith, all pasty and blu-ish, was some good TV.

Another good TV moment - Meredith flatlining at the end... next thing we know she wakes up looking all healthy again. To her left, Dylan the bomb squad guy, and to her right, Denny Duquette. That's right, two of our favorite cuties are back. And I have to say, that's pretty cool that Dylan, aka Kyle Chandler aka leading man of Friday Night Lights, came back for this special event. Anyway, this means she's dead and not dreaming or anything so she'll probably be in that limbo dead state for most of the conclusion episode until she finally awakes and can be reunited with her knight in shining whatever.

But back to the "Watch with Kristin" teaser - who's gonna die???

Another thing - Izzie, Izzie, Izzie... I could have done without her entire storyline for this particular episode. First of all, the whole drilling in the head bit? EEEK! But it was her speech at the end that really irked me. It's great that she wanted to be positive about Meredith being OK... but then her whole "I believe" speech led to her telling George that it was a mistake to marry Callie! Ummmm... inappropriate!!! Yeah, the quickie wedding after Papa O'Malley's death was probably not the best idea - but it's his life. Butt out! And mentioning it while Meredith is dying? I just wanted to smack her on the head.

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

pamela said...

Thoughts on Meredith? My bets are that she goes into a coma. You know they can't kill her off and it sweeps month. i'm so annoyed that those execs force these storylines on Shonda Rhimes. She's a better writer than this ER-type medical drama that's going on now.

Amanda said...

Izzie's comments were retarded, I agree. It just didn't flow and then it made George feel worse. Bad timing and yes - keep those kind of comments to yourself.

I agree with the coma theory - maybe Mer will hang out with Denny for awhile. That'd be fun since Denny could be kinda funny.

Maybe Mer's mom goes into cardiac arrest or something and dies. That would be shocking and unexpected. Who knows with these crazy writers!