Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Take: The Office - Wedding of Phyllis and Bob

Awww … Phyllis and Bob (of Bob Vance refrigeration) got married. This meant we got tons and tons of cringe-worthy moments from Michael. (Was the six weeks honeymoon vacation really worth it, Phyllis???)

Let’s see… off the top of my head, we had Michael…

  • Harassing the bride minutes before the ceremony by first accusing her of “breaking wind” and then trying to fix her hair (sure, it’s bad – but it’s Phyllis! Let her do her thing!)
  • Loudly dragging the wheelchair to the altar even though Phyllis’s dad managed to walk his daughter down the aisle without it
  • Then forcing himself into the groomsmen line up at the altar
  • Taking it upon himself to announce the new husband and wife (even though Bob had not said his vows yet)
  • Attempting to deliver a 40 minute toast with three intros, then screaming “I hate you!” to Bob once he was escorted out of the reception
  • Trying to sneak back in later (I’m proud of Dwight for not letting him in – even if he did kick out Uncle Al earlier)

As for my beloved Jim and Pam... well, I’ll just have to be patient and get through this setback. :P I had heard this was going to happen so at least it wasn’t a surprise. Hopefully, Pam sticks to her guns and doesn’t go back to Roy just because she thinks Jim and Karen are solid. The good news is that Rashida Jones is signed for a new series next fall so at least the Karen storyline won’t go past this season.

Anyway, it was fun to see the whole gang there and having their own silly moments (Creed attaching his card to someone else’s present, Kelly insisting to wear white because she looks good in it, Ryan making sure Kelly didn’t catch the bouquet, Toby cheering himself on when his hot date caught it instead, and hello! Scrantonicity was in the house!!!) But once again, where was Oscar? And I guess Andy couldn’t get out of his anger management training to be there, too, huh?

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