Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Take: Grey's Anatomy - Toxic Girl

Random thoughts on Grey's Anatomy...

  • Does it really only take 8 days to build a clinic?
  • No offense to Denny, but I was kind of glad to be done with that storyline. If this clinic means hearing Izzie reference Denny all the time... oy... I will not be happy...
  • OK, the way George announced him and Callie getting married in Vegas was already cracking me up... but combined with Alex's response, "Dude, she's Callie O'Malley!" HILARIOUS.
  • Wow, Izzie, way to emasculate George and insult Callie by referring to her ring as a "tiny diamond". (But seriously, it is tiny compared to the rock that Christina got - 3 carats!!! GEESH.)
  • Cute watching Alex and Izzie tag team the patient in the waiting room to steal him for the empty clinic.
  • Wow, Christina loves Meredith's mom? Because Ellis scares the crap out of me. (But Ellis did refer to Christina's mother as a "frivolous woman" so maybe that won Christina over.)
  • Hmmm... yeah, we all knew the Alex-Addison thing wasn't over. Boy, was she lusting after him!
  • Loved the way Callie confessed her new marriage to Addison: "We went to Vegas. My idea. I embrace the trashy." (or something like that)
  • Man, Ellis is still making Meredith miserable - with or without Alzheimers. To tell your daughter she's nothing more than ordinary? So sad... She railed McDreamy, too.
  • Dude, what is up with George's sweaty, shaky condition? Olivia's reaction: "Is it the marriage? Are you totally regretting it?"
  • Oh... the patient's blood is toxic! Olivia misunderstands George and goes, "Callie, yeah - she makes all of us sick." She is rockin' the funny quotes tonight!
  • The shot of the operating room with all the medical staff down was very creepy. Kinda reminded me of that scene from Spider Man 2 when Doctor Octopus went nutso.
  • Typical that the attending *woman* was the one that made the risky move to put toxic girl back on the gas - looks like Addison has more balls than the Burke / McDreamy / McSteamy trio
  • Glad that Nazi Bailey knocked some sense into that sexually active pre-teen
  • Izzie's response after Meredith filled her in on the toxic girl situation: "Holy crap. This so beats tampon training." HA! Of course, it didn't stay funny for too long once Derek and Burke both get knocked out from toxic girl.
  • Wow, that relay surgery with Izzie, Meredith, and Christina was ridiculous.
  • HELLO!!! Addison and McSteamy in bed - didn't see that coming! Steamy indeed.
  • Nice that George *finally* defended his woman to his friends. Izzie deserved it.
  • Burke and Christina - weirdest couple ever. But it was nice to see them both break out of their serious discussion mode to celebrate their plans to get married. I'm not sure if I really understand how making surgery a priority means she can't wear the ring, but whatever.
  • What the hell? Ellis is out again??? I feel soooo bad for Meredith.

And it looks like the big ferry catastrophe or whatever it is kicks off next week!!!

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