Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Take: Ugly Betty - Fashion Show!

My random thoughts on Ugly Betty...

  • Ewww... Daniel is pervin' on his brother/sister!
  • Aw... that was a cute Henry crushing on Betty moment when he gave her a smaller-sized Mode T-shirt, even though she always looks good to him. And I'm so glad Betty finally found out that he called during the Christmas holidays.
  • I've missed Tim Gunn! (Although I am surprised to hear he left Parsons for Liz Claiborne.)
  • YIKES! Wilhemina's face is exactly why I'm never delving into the Botox world.
  • Justin's response was hilarious when Wilhemina called him Jason - "It's Justin but you can call me whatever you want, I love you."
  • OK, thank God Alexis/Alex confessed her/his (crap, this is confusing) true identity to Daniel before it got into really icky territory.
  • McPheever time! What a fun guest spot for her.
  • Uh oh... is Ignacio really going to have to "ride that squishy train" to get his green card?
  • OK, I know Betty firing Hilda even though she was doing a good job at the fashion show is kinda sucky - but to hook up with her boss? And Hilda's smug smile when Betty caught them was truly evil. Didn't expect that from the Suarez family.
  • Sibling rivalry... glad they were able to talk things out afterward. But Henry a big city guy? That would hurt Betty? Boy, Hilda was really off the mark on that one.
  • Rebecca Romijn (oops, almost typed Stamos) looked great working the runway in this episode. She's still got it!
  • The reactions after Alexis' big reveal was hilarious - Marc and Amanda's jaws dropping, Hilda and Justin's simultaneous picture snapping...
  • And does anyone really care who killed Fey Sommers?

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