Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Take: American Idol - Last 8 Boys Perform

So Randy and Paula think only 4 of the boys are worthy of being in the Top 12 - Simon thinks only three and a half. What does the half mean?

I like Blake Lewis and I once liked his beatboxing but now it's growing old on me - a little cheesy, I guess. He refrained from going there on the first round but has beatboxed in his last two performances and I think that's enough for me. My preference would be that he just sings during the competition shows and saves the beatboxing for the group numbers because those are cheesy regardless. Anyway, he's definitely in.

As for Chris Richardson, I think he's in, too, but I definitely was not hearing what the judges heard last night. I thought he totally sounded out of tune.

I totally agreed with Simon on his comments about Phil Stacey. His outfit was koo-koo (he looked like he was going fishing) and he definitely had these crazy, zombie-like eyes. He definitely sounds good on the notes he blasts and horrible on the softer ones... I guess that's what all the "lower register" comments were about. I don't know about him... oh, I just realized... he must be the half that Simon refers to, right?

Then we have Sanjaya Malakar. OK, I'm officially not a fan anymore, but you know he's going to make the top 12. I was always curious if they were going to do something with his look - I didn't think they were going to steal my hairstyle!!! Anyway, I guess it's better than the ponytail with hat thing from last week. But then the hula didn't help either...

I also am not a fan of Jared Cotter for the same reasons I mentioned last time. And I can't believe I'm saying this, but in regards to his performance of "If You Really Love Me" last night, I liked Ryan Starr's version better.

Sundance Head is starting to grow on me. He's OK in my book.

And I'm starting to like Brandon Rogers as well. I think he has a lot of potential. He's fun to watch, I just don't think he sounds the best he can. I hope he makes the top 12.

Finally, I originally was a big fan of Chris Sligh but now I'm sort of indifferent. I don't think his voice is that great but he's definitely popular so he's sure to be in the Top 12.

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Amanda said...

All the boys are just sad. Hopefully with their makeovers and more time to do vocal training, someone will step up. Love Blake but he is a bit breathy and Dan thinks he walks around the stage like he's gay. I don't know. I just thought his pants were totally horrid but no comment about his walking.