Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Take: The Hills - It's Getting Juicy Now!

OK, so I had planned to boycott this show out of my disgust for Spencer, but things have been getting really interesting lately! And although Spencer is still involved, his actual screen time is pretty limited, which makes me a very happy girl.

So here's the scoop - last week, drama hit BIG TIME. You've got Lauren (the main chick) and her two good friends - Heidi (her roommate, fashion school drop-out now working at PR firm, and GF of yucky Spencer) and Jenn (her friend since middle school days from the Laguna Beach era which we can all verify because we've seen Jenn plenty of times in the first two seasons of LB as Lauren's sidekick). Now all three are good friends. Then you've got Spencer who's good friends with Brody Jenner. Spencer and Heidi basically get Brody and Lauren together. There was some smooching and really awkward macking on Brody's part, but I don't think things progressed too far as Lauren kept insisting that she was not ready to have a BF yet (due to break up with bonehead Jason - who's now headed to the slammer). Anyway, Jenn had been out to the clubs with the two duos where she had to suffer as the unfortunate fifth wheel. Heck, she even got booted off a couch so that Brody could whisper sweet nothings into Lauren's ear at some club.

Anyway, despite all this... Jenn's birthday is coming up and she decides she wants Brody as her present. CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS CRAP? I mean, seriously, all girls know that is a cardinal sin... you don't go after the boys that your friends have dated. Even if it wasn't serious. Plus Lauren has been her best friend forever. And why would you even be interested in someone that you've witnessed drooling over your friend? Geesh, have some self-respect, girl!

As if this wasn't crazy enough, Heidi (aka Lauren's other "best friend") encourages this! I mean, it was ridiculous the way her and Spencer were forcing Brody and Jenn together at the club on Jenn's birthday. I waiting for them to mash their faces together. It was so sad, because meanwhile, Lauren is doing her best to celebrate her friend's birthday (she ate carbs! she danced!) and just ends up getting ditched as Spencer, Heidi, Brody, and Jenn all sneak out to head back to Brody's condo where Jenn finally got her wish. Now I don't know what context "hook-up" means in this situation, but either way, baaaaaaaad friend. So now Lauren hates her and won't speak to her. Yet somehow she's willing to give Heidi a second chance.

But Jenn claims she is being treated unfairly. I mean, c'mon, she did call Lauren to ask for her permission to hook-up with her pseudo-ex. (Can you imagine how awkward that conversation was???)

Anyway, what those girls did was heinous BUT it was awesome to see Lauren really give it to them at the end. I was impressed with our dear LC since normally she's so passive about stuff... but not this time, she really told off both Jenn and Heidi and it was awesome.

So now we get to this week... what happened this week? Oh, right, Audrina and Lauren are really tight now and go on a double date. Lauren gets all excited because her date is a hockey player which I thought was funny, because when I hear hockey player, I immediately think of a meathead with missing teeth. Anyway, he's actually totally cute so hopefully those two will hit it off. Meanwhile, Heidi blows her off to see a movie with Spencer. OK, I know I shouldn't discuss him anymore, but seriously, what does she see in him??? I mean, she's completely giddy when she's around him. He's not hot, he's not even cute, and his personality sucks so what gives?

One more interesting thing... over in the Teen Vogue world, they are doing a photo sheet with some high schoolers. Their boss, Lisa Love (yes, that really is her name) asks if they know anyone and Whitney suggests her high school age younger sister who ends up landing the job. Did anyone else find it interesting that Lauren didn't suggest her own sister (Bree, aka the cry baby from Laguna Beach - Season 3)???

Anyway, they saved the best for last. Next week, we get to be reunited with LO!!!

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Hilarie HIldebrand said...

I thought about LC's sister too! I imagine it's because she is busy filming her last season of Laguna Beach that she didn't suggest her but without mention it seemed...awkward!
I agree about that sleezy gross-out Spencer, BLECH!

pamela said...

I can't wait for Lo to return! And i swear i saw Spencer's twin at my gym this morning. he was just as ugly as Spencer but didn't wear a long gold chain.