Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Take: American Idol - Top 12 Take on Diana Ross

Normally, I look forward to the first "finalists" show with the big audience and bigger stage and stuff but mostly I like to see the stylist makeovers. But this time, there wasn't too much of a difference (well, except for one that will be named later) - I think the stylists did their thang with the contestants once they got to the Top 24.

Tonight's theme is Diana Ross and there was much hoopla on arrangements and forgetting words, etc. Here are some random comments on the individual contestants:

Brandon: Well, I don't want to say he choked or anything but woah, not the best showing. He totally forgot his words (and it was obvious - unlike others) and definitely hit a bad note in there. But I still like him - hope he makes it to next week.

Melinda: Well, obviously, she did an amazing job as expected but geez, Paula! All that blubbering nonsense!

Chris Sligh: I actually like what he did with "Endless Love". I mean, the original song is so cheesy (remember when Chandler and Phoebe did a duet of that song on Friends???) But I agree with Simon, keep the glasses.

Gina: I think she picked well with "Love Child". I liked it - she sounds a lot like Pink.

Sanjaya: Oh, geez, now what are they doing with his hair??? It's all Shirley Temple now!

Haley: Little shocked about Simon's pseudo-praise of her. Not sure about the whole stage presence thing, but there's not much to her voice, in my opinion - too thin!

Phil: He picked a good song for him, since he could belt a lot of it. I think I like him better with a hat :)

LaKisha: Oooh... Kiki, is it? She looked gorgeous tonight in that flowing gown. And of course she nailed her performance.

Blake: I actually liked what he did with "Blake-izing" his performance of "You Keep Me Hanging On". Plus he had some smooth dance moves and no beatboxing - woohoo!

Stephanie: I think she sounded really good. I don't really know how "Love Hangover" goes so I didn't miss the "good part" the judges all mentioned. My only thing is that her voice sounds just like Beyonce...

Chris Richardson: Maybe he doesn't have an awesome voice, but it's unique and he is a fun performer. He keeps reminding me of someone though, like Casey Affleck or something...

Jordin: She's adorable... I don't know if I would lump her with Melinda and LaKisha just yet but she did a nice job.

Tomorrow, Diana performs. And I'm worried that Brandon will be the first to go. :(

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