Monday, March 12, 2007

No More Rob and Amber :(

I just learned that Rob and Amber got eliminated from The Amazing Race - All Stars and I'm actually kind of bummed about it. I like them - I guess I find them a little endearing.

I wasn't even watching this show but I knew Rob and Amber were in it so I assumed they would do fairly well. I first started watching them in Survivor All Stars. I didn't watch the whole show so I only saw enough of Rob that I was amused with his whole BAH-sten accent and the cute relationship with AM-bah. I definitely caught the finale where they were the final two and I loved the proposal! (I'm a sap, I know...)

And then I sort of watched them when they appeared on The Amazing Race - Season Seven just out of curiosity. And OK, maybe I caught bits of their televised wedding. :)

So after two seasons of Survivor and one season of The Amazing Race under their belts, you'd think they'd be pretty hard to beat, right? At first they were! Apparently, they won the first three legs, then got eliminated on the fourth.

Oh, well, they still have each other, right? Here's a good post-elimination interview with Rob and Amber. Apparently, this whole reality show thing is gonna stick with them for awhile.

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

This season is a bit dull if you ask me. Can't believe those two lost AND didn't get one of those "well you lost but instead of kicking you off, you just have to do the next leg with zero money" type of dealios. Guess the producers wanted others to win for a change since Romber had won the first three legs of the race. Ah well. They still have each other...*puke*

audgepodge said...

Really??? Very interesting! Perhaps it was a little bit of a conspiracy to kick Romber out to keep the show interesting...