Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Take: Dancing with the Stars - Bye Bye Paulina

You know, I wasn't expecting Paulina to be in the bottom two - maybe she wasn't the best dancer, she did give cute interviews. Too bad for her partner Alec Mazo - he won season one and now he is the first one out. Miss USA Shandi was the other one in the bottom two so it looks like Clyde's and Billy Ray's fan bases are rallying for them.

Loved that they chose Laila Ali's mambo performance for the encore tonight. Plus I think her partner, Maksim, is my fave out of all the boys.

I like Laila but her voice just throws me off. Sometimes I'm on my computer or doing something else when the show is on, so when they do these montage of interviews, her voice always catches me off guard because immediately it makes me think, "Is that a dude or a chick?" And then I look and oh, it's just Laila.

Loved the group performance of the jive to Queen's "Can't Stop Me Now" - so much better than anything we'll see on tomorrow's American Idol.

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