Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Take: American Idol - Pop Time

Wow. OK, so I guess I could rundown my thoughts on tonight's performances... but honestly - is there anything else worth mentioning besides Sanjaya's new look tonight???

I mean, I thought we had seen it all with the ponytail and fedora combo, the curly hair, the flat-ironed hair, etc, but obviously those were just the tip of the iceberg! Check it out:

Well, at least he tried to rock it... in his own way, of course. I love how Simon just gave up on critiquing him when he commented, "I don't think it matters anymore what we say actually... You are in your own universe, so if people like you - good luck!"

Anyway, I guess there are some other things I could mention. That was super cool that they got Gwen Stefani to mentor the kids this week - someone not from our parents' era!!! I was impressed by the kids that actually chose No Doubt/Gwen songs to perform (yes, that means you Sanjaya!!!).

I'm glad Blake refrained from beatboxing this time around... I still think at this point, I would only buy his CD out of the bunch. Jordin was definitely adorable although I was not digging her outfit. I thought Gina did well (and I love the song she chose) and agree that Haley was way too "adult contemporary" with her True Colors performance. I see she is still going to work her leggy angle - it does seem to work for her!

It'll be fun to see Gwen perform tomorrow night!

2 fascinating comment(s) from my friends:

Amanda said...

Gwen was so adorable - though not sure how much mentoring she did! I love her comment on Sanjaya - he picked it...good luck. hahahha.

Seriously Doolittle and Kiki need to pick hipper songs - they're boring me now with the same old song every week. They are good but boring...

kirby said...

gwen performs tonight?!? OMG!

could blake have made me think he was any cuter? i mean, the cure?!? i love the cure. yeah, i'd buy his cd too.

sanjaya. still do not see it.

jordin - no way. didn't like her singing or her outfit. blah :p

and - very pleasantly surprised by phil stacey! he did a great job. and who better to do a stalker song than the guy with the crazy stare?

AND i just found out that gina's my homegirl! west suburbs of chicago in the HOUSE!