Monday, March 12, 2007

My Take: The Hills - Happy New Year (?)

Ugh... so much passive agressiveness on this show! Why do girls have to be so catty? Just talk to each other, you guys!

I hate those awkward scenes when someone is being left out. Like at Jenn's birthday dinner, when Lauren kept wishing her a happy birthday while Heidi and Jenn just kept looking at each other and whispering... basically conspiring to totally screw Lauren over later that night.

And although Heidi had already hurt Lauren, I still felt bad when this time, she was the one being left out. It's New Year's Eve and Lauren and Heidi have plans to spend it together. Sort of. Heidi is trying to please both the BF and her best friend so she plans to do dinner with just Spencer and then meet up with the rest of the girls for the countdown. But it seems like Lauren is just miffed that Spencer is there at all. So she surrounds herself with her other girls like Lo (Lo!!!) and Audrina, who I guess is now her new best friend. (BTW - I think Lauren was laying it on a bit too thick with her new "I love Audrina" act at the hair salon.) I think that's fair, because Heidi was still going to focus on Spencer even though she made an effort to meet up with Lauren and crew. Anyway, there was just so much underlying resentment - there was no way for Heidi and Lauren to have a good night together and patch things up. Unless, maybe they both got really wasted and started pouring out their hearts to each other. That would be good TV, huh???

Of course, Spencer didn't help as he continued to be an a**hole. He completely took pleasure in the fact that Lauren blew Heidi off at the end of the night. I mean, sure, he hates Lauren so I can understand that he would love for his GF to hate her, too, but c'mon, dude - Heidi was obviously hurt by Lauren's behavior. If you love her so much, why would you want to make her feel even worse? Would it kill you to genuinely comfort her??? He is such a LOSER!

And what happened to Lauren's blind date dude? Are we not going to see the cute hockey player guy anymore? Although I was impressed that Lauren asked that other guy from Colorade out. Very "Independent Woman" of her - Charlie's Angels would be proud.

It was good to have Lo back... although I was not digging her hair. The big rat's nest was not working for her... maybe if she had somehow managed to smooth out all the teasing a bit more...

Now let's talk next week's episode! We get Lauren's 21st birthday, another reunion with Brody, AND a confrontation between Lauren and Jenn???? Oooh... this is going to be so good!

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