Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Take: The Hills - Way to go, Whitney!

How adorable is Whitney?

I felt so bad for her when she tripped in Hilary Swank's Oscar dress on live national TV during Good Morning America. Not surprised that she couldn't fight back the tears when Lauren tried to comfort her afterward. Especially with super intern Emily right there. And why did Emily also get to appear in the Oscar bit?

Anyway, talk about awesome recovery! I was expecting one of those stern Lisa Love lectures but instead she just comforted Whitney and even told her that a couple big Vogue hotshots were very impressed with her and that they felt she represented Teen Vogue very well. And that Lisa was recommending her for some Fashion Consultant position where Whitney could end up being Lauren's boss. Of course, she would also have to compete with super intern Emily as well - duh duh dunnnnnnnnn!

In the other news, Spencer and Heidi broke up. If only it would stick. :(

Finally, some Laguna Beach news - Jessica was arrested!!! And has a mug shot!!! Click pic for more info:

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