Monday, April 16, 2007

Brothers & Sisters: Fave Moment

Brothers & Sisters is like the new Grey's Anatomy. At first you tune in because you're already there for Desperate Housewives but eventually it proves to be an even better show than DH. I love the way the "kids" all interact with each other.

This week had a cute theme where the Walkers decide to have a game night challenge with their rivals, the Jones (a family that also had five kids the same age as the Walkers). It was cute to see Susan Sullivan and Jenna Elfman as a mother-daughter combo again (with a bit of a different spin from their Dharma & Greg days).

But my favorite "laugh out loud" moment was during the charades game when Tommy failed at getting his family to guess Jurassic Park. Kevin then argued with "That was a dinosaur???" and then busted into a sequence of hilarious dinosaur imitations! I wish I had a video clip - it was too funny.

As a side note, I do NOT like the story line where Sarah's husband kissed Rebecca...

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Amanda said...

I wanted to see this show - but i got overruled...don't even remember what I watched instead. That's how good it was...

I did get to see Desperate Housewives though - kinda a boring episode. More like a I already knew what was coming next. I even guessed that the lady had put her husband in the freezer!! I knew she was that weird. Now we'll get to figure out why...maybe she still gets checks from the gov't by not saying he's dead...duh duh duhhhhhh (that music that is like ooohhh what's going to happen next!?)